Corporate Responsibility

Our Five Core Values....  Our Corporate Responsibility Culture is built on the foundations of our five core values.

Transparency....  We encourage open communication both with our clients and suppliers and among employess.  It is our aim that everyone in the company is kept informed of the opportunities open to them, the risks that the business faces and the limits within which the business is managed.

Accountability....  Employees are always expected to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. Our employees should take on ownership of tasks.

Teamwork.... Employees should act in the best interests of the company as a whole, not their own office or function. Furthermore, every opportunity should be taken to maximise staff potential and their contribution to the company’s success.

Integrity....  Our Employees' conduct must reflect the highest ethical standards.

Dignity....  Our employees are expected to treat everyone they work with, including clients and fellow workers, fairly and with respect.