The threat to government networks is HERE, NOW and GETTING BIGGER....  The worst fallout from a cyberattack can be what it leaves behind, such as malicious software that can be activated later. That, compounded with ongoing efforts by hackers to infect as many machines as possible using bogus email offers and harmful website code can leave a lot of "zombified" machines. Those machines can then be made into cyber weapons, which can overload a network, website or other machine with a deluge of data known as a DDoS, or distributed denial of service attack. Of course, the reported attacks are only the tip of the iceberg and it is estimated that in the U.S. alone, the number of compromised computers runs into millions. In 2012, 17% of cyber attacks were against governments.

Our data security team can ensure that any holes in your network defences are plugged and your data is secure.

Close the Gap in IT Security....  Our services are focused on helping organisations defend and assess themselves against the next generation of security threats and educating companies on the risk they are exposed to. We work with leading IT security vendors and consultancies to close the gap in your own IT security strategy and to assist in streamlining and prioritising your spending, assessments and compliance requirements.

Gain a Competitive Advantage....  Compliance with external standards such as PCI and ISO 27001 is a top priority for many organizations. For some it is driven by the requirement to conform to industry or legislative regulations and is effectively a license to trade. For others it provides demonstrable assurance of information and data handling processes to gain significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.