Border Security

Border Security and More....  Protecting borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to national security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.  The DPM Systems Border Control application does this and more.

Trusted Traveller Programs....  The ability to implement a programme for frequent and trusted travellers program is an integral part of the DPM Systems Border Control application.  The application screens all travellers entering your borders using your risk-based approach. Automated advanced data, combined with intelligence and new biometric travel documents, facilitate travel while keeping your borders safe. The application can expedite trusted traveller programs that facilitate the entry process for frequent travellers who have undergone prior screening of their biographical and biometric data.

Making Travel Faster and Easier....  Through the applications trusted traveller program, you can enhance your ability to expedite and facilitate known low risk “trusted travellers” arriving into your country. These programs allow expedited processing of pre-approved low-risk travellers at ports of entry.  This makes it faster and easier for thousands of visitors and business people to visit your country knowing that you understand that time is of the essence.  Allowing your officers additional time to focus on higher risk unknown travellers, your visitors experience fewer delays and more confidence while traveling.

Port of Entry....  The officer desk is fully integrated into the database, allowing them to see what they need when passengers arrive.  Fast scanning does automatic checks against available watch and stop lists.    Should the traveller been in the country before, using the documents provided, information is then retrieved and compared.  Biometric data can be collected, stored and analysed if appropriate.  We pride ourselves on the ability to scan and validate in less than 10 seconds.

Where the advanced Passenger Information is used, this document can be scanned and allocated to the arrival record to date and time stamp the actual arrival information.  Where data entry is used to update the entry/departure card for visitor statistics and other purposes, this is easy to do.     

Advanced Passenger Information (APIs)....  The application has the ability to receive, process and integrate the API’s information directly into the database.  The format poses no problem to the application which currently supports UN/EDIFACT, XML, Excel Spreadsheet or a DPM Systems provided web interface.  The excellent inbuilt data duplication “search and compare” software identifies actual and potential persons already in the database to reduce duplicate person information.  All intelligence checks are done at the receipt of the API’s information with highly configurable, secure distribution of any information that needs to be relayed to the relevant authorities for action prior to arrival.