Audit Trail

 Full Transparancy to Strengthen Your data Validity....  Government Departments are often called upon to present evidential data from their systems for use in criminal cases. This data is often challenged in relation to its reliability and integrity. Council could argue that there was no inherent proof of when data was first entered into the system and if, when and by whom it was changed. The DPM Audit Trail now clearly shows all entry and changes of data by user, time and date and will be invaluable in providing incontrovertible evidential data.

The Audit Trail now allows managers to track actions carried out by users in the system and will show data changed, which user name changed the data and at what time and date the change was made.

Making the Data Work for You....  using standard reporting or utilising the DPM Business Intelligence tool, you will now be able to easily extract a wide range of important information and deliver reports direct to managers, chiefs and ministers showing, for example, productivity of staff; daily, weekly, monthly flight / vessel arrival and departure information; watch list hits; over-stayers; travellers by type / nationality, etc., etc..