Biometric Solutions

Reliable Identity Verification....  National Border Security and Immigration technology is currently responding to the demands of reducing the threat of terrorist attacks, drug trafficking and other crime, illegal immigrants and illegal workers, whilst ensuring that the movement of bona fide travellers across international borders is smooth and fast. The collection of biometric information from travellers is a key area of development in the industry, to provide fast and reliable identity verification. This technology now forms an integral element of DPM’s solution.

Using biometrics as identifiers for border security purposes is appealing because they can help tightly bind a traveler to his or her identity by using physiological characteristics. Unlike other identification methods, such as identification cards or passwords, biometrics are less easily lost, stolen, or guessed.

Integrate Biometric data with Multiple Applications....  The DPM Biometrics Module is used for the capture, storage and validation of biometric information for travellers entering and leaving, if applicable, the country. The Biometrics Database can be used as a central repository for all biometric uses within the country, providing the capability for future integration with many applications that have a requirement for the use of biometric information. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Fast-Track Booths for Clearance of Travellers
  • Passport Application
  • Visa Application
  • Policing and Forensic Investigation
  • National e-I.D.
  • Voter Verification
  • Access control for staff

 Avoiding Future Duplication....  In addition to adding extra security in areas such as stolen / falsified travel documents, anti-terrorism and criminality, implementation of the Biometrics Module, with its integration capability, will provide long-term benefits and cost/time savings by avoiding future duplication of biometric verification systems across many government departments.