More Control of Information....  The e-Visa Module has been developed to process and manage all types of applications for visas and permits. The new module provides the facility and flexibility to print approved applications to a variety of documents, such as stick on labels or plastic cards and electronically return completed Visa details and captured images and signatures to the immigration database.

Flexible to Your Needs....  Additionally, it is possible to extend the application, subject to customer requirements, to incorporate the following features:

  • Allow persons to submit a Visa Application electronically and track its progress.
  • Allow agents and Applicants the mechanism for gathering information about applicants and status on their application.
  • Collect electronic credit card payments from the applicant.
  • Receive and store electronically any supporting evidence (e.g. scan of Birth Certificate, etc.). 

Powerful Integration with Biometrics....  DPM’s Biometric Module will also facilitate the capturing and storing of biometric information such as fingerprints and facial images for future verification. Combining this technology with DPM’s handheld scanner, a person already in the database can be correctly identified by scanning a contactless chip on a variety of documents.

Increased Security....  For example, should you employ a visa system that uses a card containing a contactless chip, the holder of the card, when asked to verify his or her identity, can present their visa card to an officer. The card is then scanned using the handheld device, showing the person’s information, including facial image. A further fingerprint check can be carried out with live interrogation of the DPM biometric database.