Document Integration

Replacing paper with electronic forms reduces business costs and wasted time....  Not only is a paperless organisation more eco-friendly, but it also benefits in increased organisational efficiency, increased business visibility and enables you to abide to compliance, legal and regulatory requirements. Today's businesses have to be efficient in every department to stay competitive and the streamlining of processes through the correct use of I.C.T. drives vital revenue. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Cost – cost of paper, cost of office storage space, cost of staff dealing with paper
  • Staff – reduces the number of employees dealing with paperwork and manual tasks
  • Visibility – audit trails – electronic forms enable you to have visibility over your processes. everything is stored in the database.
  • Compliance, legal and regulatory requirements – government regulations, legal requirements, lost documents, data security
  • Efficiency – Improves organisational efficiency, minimizes risks, enforces organisational policies.

Powerful and Flexible Data Capture....  Implementation of a data capture system underpinned by the DPM Systems forms module ensures instant benefits for both external customers – users who will be entering data into the forms – and internal customers – those users who will receive and process the captured data.  Data entry is no longer paper based, so users gain familiar features like copy and paste and the ability to undo and correct mistakes, with a reduction in costs associated with form printing and handling being a natural by-product of the move away from paper.  The quality of the data captured is improved through validation built into each form created, and a full audit trail is created for each and every entry made to a form.

Giving You Ultimate Control....  The DPM Systems forms module offers highly customisable form creation facilities which can be used to provide forms that cater for a wide range of data capture requirements.  Forms can be created using pre-defined templates as a basis, or from scratch for ultimate control over layout and functionality.

Easy Integration....  Alongside the forms module’s data capturing capability comes the ability to interface with external systems for data processing and exchange of information.  Standardised API methods are used to provide two way (export and import) data transfer between the forms module and an external system allowing the forms module to be easily integrated into existing business processes.

Flexible Deployment....  Data entry forms created with the DPM Systems forms module can reside on either a PC machine running a Microsoft Windows operating system or on IBM i platforms (formerly AS/400, iSeries, System i), giving a choice of deployment options.