Grow Your Enterprise....  In a hyper-connected world, commerce websites rely on personalized, secure portals to ensure that sites are relevant, engaging and easy to navigate. Providing a single point of access to multiple resources in a consistent, integrated manner offers the potential for an exceptional user experience. However, building custom portals to support a particular business function can be costly and can consume time that could be better spent growing your enterprise.

Organizations today are challenged to:

  • Synthesize several log-in portals into an integrated single sign-on experience
  • Reduce risk of customer loss due to navigation or use difficulty
  • Create new revenues through delivering better customer self service
  • Eliminate use of manual information feeds to help reduce labour cost
  • Drive customer advocacy, profitability and retention across channels, demographics and geographies

Simple and Efficient Sharing of Information....  iBuilder E-Business Suite is an ”umbrella” that integrates business processes between people and ERP systems.  It enables your employees, managers, customers, suppliers and partners to access personalised information safely from anywhere in the world and can be accessed through any computer, smart phone or tablet PC.  It includes InfoCenter (system core) and seven modules: e-HR / e-Documents / e-Procurement / e-Sales / e-PR / e-Management / e-IT.  The InfoCentre combines the modules in a central location, allowing for simple and efficient sharing of information, business reporting, message & content publishing and system security.