e-Procurement (Savings on Purchases).... Gain considerable savings by introducing electronic reverse auctions and shortening the purchasing process. Co-ordinate documents, negotiate prices and terms & conditions with your suppliers electronically, and allow employees to autonomously submit purchase requests. Thanks to the suppliers dashboard you can simplify and organize the exchange of information and documents, which will enable you to save time and money, as well as adding transparency to your purchasing process.

Catalogue of Products and Services.... Forget about phone calls and emails to the purchasing department! Allow your staff to put in orders autonomously using the intuitive catalogue of products and services. In your role as manager of the purchasing department you can sort out the information on your standard requirements and autonomously define them in one, consistent catalogue of products and services. 

Approval and Course of Purchasing Process.... Conduct the purchasing process electronically! Get it organized and speed up decision making. Allow employees to define their requirements autonomously, managers to take decisions and purchasing department staff to aggregate requirements and automatically generate order forms or reverse auctions.

Aggregating Requirements.... Simplify requirements from emails into an ERP class system! Gather information on requirements from staff in one spot, group them, and then automatically generate purchase orders in your ERP class system or set up reverse auctions electronically. This will enable you to do away with repetitive tasks, save time and - what is most important – you will completely eliminate the risk of committing errors. You will no longer have complicated MS Excel spreadsheets!

Selecting Suppliers.... Imagine that you have a one-stop shop where you can access the full range of information on your current and potential suppliers, to whom you can send an enquiry concerning price or a product! Just like that, quickly and efficiently! Allow suppliers to register automatically and autonomously. Build up a large group of potential firms and so increase competitiveness. You will save time spent seeking out suppliers each time you want to buy something or submit an enquiry concerning a price or product. Once you have a defined requirement, you can indicate the desired suppliers in one place, send them messages via email or text message and start looking for the most advantageous offers!

RFx – Request for Information, Quotation and Proposal.... Sort out communication with your suppliers! Introduce transparency into the purchasing department! Automatically generate requests for quotations, information and proposals. Conduct an information exchange on requests and the associated documents in one spot. Issues with document or proposal versions will solve themselves! You also have the facility to send comments and remarks about the negotiations in progress to all stakeholders.

Electronic Reverse Auctions.... Get amazing savings and negotiate price conditions via electronic reverse auctions. Generate and publish reverse auctions, automatically inform selected suppliers and obtain competitive prices and purchasing terms. Conduct the purchasing process in a transparent way! Give your suppliers access to a single, secure place where they can negotiate prices and terms, where they can browse your requirements for products and services. You can also create multi-criteria auctions which make it possible to choose the most favorable offer, not only in terms of price, but also delivery time and location. There is also a facility to hold two-stage auctions (with a play-off), to gain the best outcomes and … the lowest prices!

Supplier Profile and Dashboard.... Make information transparent! Build up loyalty and long-standing relationships! Provide your suppliers with a single platform where they can access their information, so that they are not constantly asking tons of questions about the same thing. The supplier profile will give contractors access to cross-sectional information from the ERP system and the e-Procurement module, such as their personal details, electronic auctions to date, exchange of enquiries, documents or deliveries completed.