e-Documents (Documents and Information Under Control).... Reduce administration costs, eliminate the errors and frustration resulting from a lack of knowledge about the state of your business processes by introducing an electronic task and document flow (workflow) system! Have your paper documents, files, mails and all your company's or client's requests submitted for approval electronically. The integrated digital signature will help you to save money and time spent on printing, signing and sending out replies via traditional post.

Front Office workflow of Incoming Documents.... Introduce order into your front office! Do away with the traditional incoming and outgoing documents ledger and input paper documents in an electronic archive. You can submit them for approval to specified persons and organizational units electronically. The extensive document repository will enable you to search for documents, attachments and information on the status or the person, whom a document concerns. 

Internal Documents.... Sort out the creation and transfer of internal documents. Group internal and external documents together to create cases. Delegate printing and courier despatches to the front office. Based on a single platform the flow of documents in your firm will speed up – forget about overflowing ring binders and a desk covered in paperwork!

Purchase Invoice Workflow and Settlement.... Has it ever happened to you that you have received a phone call from the accounts department asking you to describe an invoice? Have you ever experienced a supplier reminding you about a payment, and you were not aware if accounts had received an invoice from them? The e-Documents will ensure that all purchase invoices are incorporated into the electronic document flow, enabling you to easily describe and approve them, as well as knowing what their status is. What is more, the finance department will only have to do a legal and accounting check on them, whereas invoices will be automatically settled and recorded in the financial accounting system. You will save time by managing your transactions more efficiently!

Contract and Proposal Creation and Flows... Does it happen that every time you create and agree details of a contract or proposal with colleagues you encounter problems with document versions? Each version of a document is recorded, so you can easily have an overview of the evolution of a contract, from the initial version to the final one. It is e-Documents that will provide you with the facility not only to create a final version of a contract with your client or colleagues, but also to submit it for internal approval, printing and archiving. This will enable you to save time looking through mails and establishing the final version of a document for verifying and approval. More over your manager will be able to view them at any time and in any place. e-Documents is a tool which boasts such flexibility that once the relevant data has been inputted you can adapt it in line with the requirements of any company!

Repository of Documents and Requests.... Get instant, secure access to your documents and requests. The advanced document archive will help you to efficiently search for the information you need, give access to your documents to other staff and clients and you will have an overview of current versions of documents. You can share not only any data in digital form, such as MS Office documents, but also scanned materials and paper documents, such as contracts, invoices and requests which have been properly described. The function of displaying the same file in various view folders will allow you to always access the document that interests you without going through the rigmarole of searching for it in your system.

Handling Barcodes.... Describe (code) your documents automatically! The mechanism for scanning and handling barcodes will save your time! You will not have to code documents manually, you will be able to search for documents in the archive faster and more efficiently. This will introduce a higher level of organization and standardization to your correspondence with clients and partners. Automatic professionalism in every respect!

Scanning and OCR.... Save time! Archive and circulate digital documents and traditional paper documents. e-Documents will enable you to intuitively convert paper documents into digital ones, automatically separate pages and get rid of empty files. What is more, the integrated image recognition reader will help you to immediately place them in the archive (repository) and automatically describe them. The facility of allowing integration with external systems (e.g. ERP class) will stop you wasting time on copying client data, account numbers or other computer data which has already been inputted into the system.

Electronic Mail.... Automatically archive and circulate documents, including email documents. This will help you to save time on manually uploading attachments and manually adding emails with attachments, which you want to send to other people.

Integration with MS Office – Generating Documents.... Generate documents with a single mouse click! Based on the existing flow of data, the integration with MS Office provides a facility for automatically creating complete documents. Templates that have been created once will be always available and ready to use at the very moment when they are needed! 

Complete Freedom with Business Flows and Processes – Graphic Modelling of Documents and Task Flow Processes.... Be flexible! Don’t let changes in your business process lead to considerable costs associated with employing IT firms or the frustration caused by having to wait for qualified staff from the IT department. The Workflow Designer will enable you to modify and model any business process, document or request flow autonomously and without any IT knowledge. Develop the organization and replace successive traditional business processes with electronic ones! This provides you complete freedom when you are creating them.