e-HR (Human Resources Self-Service).... Introduce self-service into HR. In your role as HR manager you can do away with irritating repetitive tasks. As an employee you can save time and gain access to instant information on your holidays, business trips, salaries, assessments, absences and training. Electronic recruitment, employee assessments and other request forms will help you to work efficiently and quickly!

Holidays.... Get rid of paper documents and manage holidays more efficiently! Plan your holiday and book holiday dates using your computer! Complete a holiday request form electronically and get approval from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can independently check your holiday entitlement and how much you have used up.

In your role as manager you will not waste time duplicating data by entering information in the HR and payroll system. You will not only have access to information about yourself, but also information on the holidays of employees reporting to you. You can manage the holiday schedule, your employees' requests and the information flow process. Complete and transparent control over days off – no more unclear situations!

Business Trips.... Do your employees complain about how long it takes for money to be reimbursed for domestic and foreign business trips? Have you yourself had enough of copying out information again and again and adding up the bills from your staff's business trips? You can speed up the process of settling business trip expenses and give your employees their very own "self service" facility.

As an employee you can book a hotel or car, settle the expenses relating to a domestic or foreign business trip electronically and have your deposit reimbursed three times quicker. You do not have to know the law – the system will calculate the appropriate amounts on the basis of the levels of per diem allowances and accommodation allowances for individual countries, mileage rates and current exchange rates. Simple!

If you are a manager you can make considerable savings by monitoring your employees' travel (grouping of trips) and fulfil the formal, legal requirements pertaining to the electronic distribution of documents concerning business trips.

Training and e-Learning.... Allow your staff, clients and business partners to undertake autonomous training and make considerable savings in the training process. Our solution is a one-stop shop where an employee, client or business partner can access the records of courses completed and plan training. What’s more, they can have their training online, pass tests and get a certificate or award!

Learn, develop and share knowledge without meetings dragging on! How many times has it happened to you that your colleagues at work have told you "send me the presentation – I'll take a look at it on my own, I don't have time for a meeting."? Using the e-learning functionality, you will have access to all the training materials, tests and films. If you want to run a training course all you have to do is create it in the same way as in the Microsoft PowerPoint program and distribute it on to other interested employees together with assessment tests.