e-IT (User-Friendly IT Services).... Get your IT projects and service under control! Organize and effectively manage projects! The e-IT will facilitate the comprehensive support of all projects undertaken by your department. This includes such tasks as managing cases, tasks, resources, hours worked and suppliers. The functionality of the support of service requests and the knowledge database will enable you to improve communication, raise the quality of IT services and eliminate errors, thus effectively increasing satisfaction with the business.

Management and Support of IT Projects.... You more than likely run a number of important IT projects within your department in parallel. Forget about your problems! Sort out and collect information in one place, which concerns not only the same projects, but also resources, documents and tasks. Do not waste time on constantly answering the same questions and give employees and suppliers access to information on the status of projects, documents, schedules and completed tasks.

Task and Resource Management.... Do you know precisely who is carrying out projects and what tasks are allotted to them? The e-IT will help you to gain control of your projects and the huge workload of tasks to be done by both your staff and suppliers. Allocate tasks to people involved in projects, manage statuses and completion times. This will enable you to gain an accurate picture of when a project is to be completed and plan resources accordingly.

Logging Hours Worked on a Project.... Gain access to accurate knowledge on hours worked on a given project! The logging of hours worked and integration with your ERP system will enable you to obtain the precise costs of implementing projects, which will help you to manage the IT department more effectively. This information will allow you to perform a reliable assessment of your employees and you will only charge clients for the actual time spent working for them!

Management of Communication within a Project.... Eliminate errors caused by uncoordinated communication within a project. Using project notice boards you can securely exchange information on a particular project, manage documents (including their versions), such as commissioning changes, records of receipt, contracts, reports, etc. and communication with suppliers and employees. And all this brought together in one place! What is more, you can give access to a dashboard on a specific screen, so that staff receive up-to-date data on projects, in which they are involved as well as lots of other important information. 

Support and Management of Service Requests (Helpdesk).... Improve the effectiveness of the management of service requests! Provide all employees with a simple way of reporting service errors and tracking their repair status. This will stop you receiving unnecessary requests and increase satisfaction with the business. 4e-IT will enable you to efficiently manage incidents, problems, SLA agreements and also allocate resources and monitor your service department. Solving problems has never been so easy and efficient!

Knowledge Database.... Build up a knowledge database and do not waste your team's time on repairing the same errors and solving the same problems every time! Using the comprehensive knowledge database on projects, problems and their solutions you can seamlessly allocate new people to a project. You will never lose data if someone leaves a project, and you yourself will have accurate knowledge of and control over the entire history of its completion.

Notice Board.... Do you spend a lot of time looking through your email and document attachments? That is all in the past! From now on you can publish and share information between selected users within the framework of themed notice boards. Thanks to information being made available within the context of a single project, you will have rapid access to histories, attachments, documents and comments by project participants.