e-Management (Effective Management).... Do away with tedious, operational tasks and focus on what is most important for managing your part of the company! Do not waste time analyzing every single report and piece of data. The Business Monitor will enable you to do a drill down analysis of your part of the business. What is more, if the indicators (KPIs) exceed the critical values stated by you, you will be notified about this immediately. Delegate tasks and monitor your employees, as well as getting the latest information on your company. All this irrespective of where you are and if you are using a computer or mobile phone.

Business Monitor.... Focus on what is most important. Save time and take rational decisions based on current data! The reports console will help you to drill down information stemming from all parts of the business which interests you. The report display facility enables rapid analysis, and is only necessary to go into detail in relation to the information that needs to be corrected or requires action on your part. You can automate and simplify the reporting process, give access to reports consoles to your employees, clients and suppliers, so that they can analyse the data you have made available to them themselves.

Indicators Dashboard (Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard).... Save time! You no longer have to review all the information on indicators (KPI)! One click is all you need to do to access data that interest you, so that you can react as quickly as possible! Define your indicator dashboards, set criteria and get updated via text message or email if a given indicator (KPI) exceeds the criteria established. What is more, thanks to the link between the console and reports, eManagement will display reports in such a way that you will be shown whatever requires your intervention. The system will automatically generate tasks in your task inbox. Text messages or emails will be sent to the specified destination instantly.

Delegation and Allocation of Tasks.... Has it ever happened to you that you have forgotten to whom you have delegated a task or what the completion deadline is? e-Management will solve this problem – not only can you define tasks and delegate them, but also effectively track their completion process and react if unforeseen circumstances occur. You can also commission the preparation of a contract or report document and have constant insight into the process of its creation.

Directives Issued by Directors and Management.... Improve communication and access to information! Inform your employees, clients and partners about your decisions and publish announcements and instructions for selected people. eManagement not only has the facility to make it obligatory to mark information as read, but it will also conduct a survey / test on its content. This will give your instructions more impact and increase their effectiveness!

Complete Freedom with Indicators and Reports – Graphic Modelling of Reports and Indicators (KPIs).... Be flexible! Do not let every change in your business process lead to considerable costs associated with employing IT firms or the frustration caused by having to wait for qualified staff from the IT department. The Reports Designer will enable you to modify and edit a report, graph or performance indicator (KPI) autonomously and without any programming knowledge.