e-PR (Effective Web Communication).... Expand your marketing and PR activities! Set up a professional internet press office! Use the internet to manage, publish and share information and materials between your PR department and the media. The e-PR will enable you to provide the press with ready to publish materials which are always up-to-date. There is also the facility to use well-known social networking portals – Twitter, Facebook or Intelligent Elite to manage the company’s image.

Notice Board for Exchanging Information with Media.... Do you need to provide information to the media? You will not have to rummage around in your mailbox! You can exchange information on your products and services with the media and similarly to Facebook – using a notice board. Once separate themed notice boards have been set up for individual media, you will have access to the history of exchanged information, documents, graphic files and comments, all in one spot! This will help members of the PR department find information relating to what the media are expecting, a listing of data released or even a detailed history of correspondence exchanged. As a result you will save time and operate more efficiently.

News and Press Releases.... Irrespective of where you are you can publish news for the media easily, even using email. This will appear on the press office website appropriately categorized according to the desired context. What is more, at the instant a particular piece of information appears in the system, a selected journalist will automatically receive an email message with a notification and document, which they can use as a basis for creating material.

Archive of Press Information.... Has it ever happened to you that out-of-date information has appeared on your website instead of current data? Do not worry about this problem anymore. The system will see to it that out-of-date content is transferred to an archive, at the same time giving full access to this information for all interested parties.

Information from the Media.... Help the media to create articles and gather materials for publication! Thanks to the e-PR, representatives of the media will automatically receive a message that a particular press release, information or article has appeared in the press, been broadcast on TV or published in the Internet. This is ready-prepared and easily accessible material for the media! Now your company's name will crop up in the media more frequently!

Materials to Download.... Do not waste time on tasks that the system could do! Do not send logos, documents, scans, presentations and other materials via email. Interested parties will be able to download these from files that have been uploaded once. This will help you to save time, as well as ensuring that documents, files and other materials are always accessible to selected people.

Integration with Social Networking Portals, Blogs and e-Chat.... Use the internet for PR! Via integration with social networking portals, such Facebook and Twitter, the information you publish will be automatically sent to those sites. This means the number of potential customers will multiply! What is more, you will not have to employ separate agencies if you do not have IT knowledge. The system will even allow someone without IT knowledge to edit themed blogs and conduct conversations on chat, e.g. in the context of providing the press with information.