e-Sales (Loyalty of Clients and Partners).... Increase revenues and the loyalty of your partners at the same time! Set up an electronic Customer and Partner Support Point! Allow your customers to use a self-service facility and give them access to an up-to-date product catalogue, individual pricelists, marketing materials and promotions. What is more, you will ensure they are satisfied with your service and provide them with the possibility of submitting orders and tracking complaints, payments and other business processes.

Product Catalogue, Pricelists and Stock Levels.... Save time dealing with enquiries from your business partners or clients. Introduce an electronic product catalogue which is fully integrated with your ERP system. Encourage loyalty amongst your customers and present them with up-to-date information on individual prices in various currencies, stock levels and promotions. Develop an information database on your products and give your clients access, including photos, documentation, attachments and other important elements.

Electronic (online) Orders.... Make life easier for you, your clients or business partners! Enable them to submit orders autonomously! The submitted order will be transmitted electronically to the task and document flow system, meaning it will go through the appropriate internal approval process. Once credit limits have been checked and other necessary steps undertaken, the order will be automatically inputted into your ERP system.

Additional Sales.... Increase revenues thanks to upselling processes. e-Sales has not only been equipped with basic functionalities, such as related products, promotions, recently ordered and viewed items, but also the collection and analysis of historic data regarding purchased products, orders, payments, etc. This will enable your organization to adapt the presented offering to the profile of your client or partner.

Requests for Proposals and Quotes.... Save time for the customer service department! Introduce electronic requests for proposals plus an autonomous pricing facility. Enhance your partners' and distributors' loyalty and relationship. Provide them with the facility to automatically prepare, collect and exchange proposals and quotes for their clients. This is a superb opportunity to build long-standing relationships for your company!

Claims, Complaints and Returns.... Focus on the quality of your products and services! Manage complaints, claims and returns in an organized way. Give your clients and partners access to a place where they can complete a complaint form electronically and track the status of their submissions. This will increase customer loyalty, preventing the same enquiries by phone or email time and again. What is more, electronic complaints simplify the handling process, including submissions and approvals. This will be carried out in the workflow system, which will give you better control of the process, regarding the individual steps of the complaint procedure and the timeframe for considering complaints.

Client Dashboard.... Reduce the number of enquiries from clients and business partners, save money and your employees' time. At the same time (paradoxically!) you will increase your clients' loyalty! Thanks to the client dashboard integrated with your ERP system, your customers will have access to their current orders, order history, invoices, proposals, quotes, amounts due, complaints, returns, deliveries and many other documents. Enabling them to familiarize themselves with the information they are looking for and obtain data on the status of their orders or complaints on an ongoing basis, which will considerably increase their satisfaction levels.

Themed Notice Boards.... Do you spend a lot of time looking through your email and attached documents? That is all in the past! From now on you can publish and share information amongst selected users within the framework of themed notice boards. By creating notice boards for your clients, you will have the entire exchange of information with them in one place, and the knowledge will not get lost if the account manager changes or leaves.