Mobile I.D. and Verification

Mobile Technology Solutions that Work For Your Business....  From airports, sea ports and border crossings to national ID verification around the world, DPM Systems is there with its field-proven mobile devices.

Multi-Use and Flexibility....  The DPM hand-held devices are specifically designed to provide ID verification and passport authentication with full page passport imaging and fingerprint sensors for instant verification of biometric passports. They can also verify visas, driver licenses and national ID cards by reading 2-D barcodes, OCR-B and contact / contactless chips found on these documents.

Offering a variety of expansion capabilities, the hand-helds can be connected to third-party databases via USB, CF, serial and Bluetooth. These support applications such as memory expansion and global communications.

Seamless Workflow Processes....  DPM Systems designs and delivers innovative solutions for managing the mobile workforce that enable customers and partners to achieve evolutionary step-changes in their performance and service delivery. We offer a range of applications designed for use on Windows mobile devices to increase the performance and productivity of your mobile staff. 

These apps can manage mobile stock for sales applications, send jobs to engineers and handle POD services for completed jobs or deliveries. If needed we can also integrate the applications into your back office systems giving a seamless and paperless workflow process.