Data Integrity

How Sure are You that Your Sensitive Data hasn't been Changed?....  Whether it is CCTV recordings, surveillance footage, photographs or sensitive data, the need for irrefutable proof that data has not been tampered with in e-discovery, audit trails management, internal threat management and auditing and regulatory compliance requires a solution that can centralise and secure sensitive data. The Secure Audit Vault collects sensitive data in real-time from various sources and sends it to the centralized vault. A web-based module allows auditors to perform searches on the preserved data while verifying the correctness of information.

Can I trust my Audit Trails?....  In order to facilitate its customer’s access to their services and reduce (back) office costs, banks are increasing the number of automated services offered, through electronic banking and ATM networks.  As these services increase, it also increases the amount of sensitive information placed in networks and the risk of unwanted tampering and attacks (external or internal) to the electronic banking systems.

Insider Threats....  It is important, therefore, to utilise a solution that collects, centralizes and secures audit logs in real time from various sources. At the time they are generated, our Secure Vault system applies a patented digital seal that makes evident any manipulation, thus obtaining irrefutable evidence of its integrity. This facilitates the reduction of costs related to audit processes and compliance with laws and regulation, while mitigating the insider threat and strengthening the legal validity of audit trails.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduces costs associated with governance processes, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • Reduces costs associated with auditing, management of electronic evidence (e-Discovery) and forensic investigations
  • Deters fraud and reduces the risk and impact of the internal threat
  • Increases transparency and allows accountability to each and every one of the users, including the system administrators
  • Increases the evidential weight of audit trails and electronic records for any forensic investigation or use in a court of law
  • Helps to comply with the most demanding laws, best practices and standards regarding the prevention and detection of manipulation in electronic records (i.e. PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001, etc.)