Recognising the Need for On-going Training....  Our customers in Government and Industry alike must have a comprehensive training program in place for their systems and applications. Initial training during the implementation process is not enough to ensure that their investment in new technology is going to reap the benefits they hope for. Instead, on-going training and support is necessary to make sure personnel develop and grow their skills alongside the development of the applications they are using.

Train the Trainer....  We maintain continuous client training, supported by comprehensive training manuals and technical documentation. Where possible, we always employ a “train the trainer” methodology which creates internal experts. This allows fast response to the needs of other personnel and ensures that our client is always up to date with new improvements and enhancements to our products.

Bespoke Training - Training That's Relevant....  We also offer bespoke training courses to clients – particularly those in the financial sector, calling on years of experience in writing and delivering training courses to some of the major UK banking firms. This process is highly consultative in its nature, following a process that specifically highlights clients’ training needs in areas of compliance and customer care. Rather than deliver an off the shelf training product that may not be fully suitable to our client’s needs, we work to develop and deliver courses that are fully relevant to the customer’s individual and unique requirements.