Border Security

Ensuring the safe and efficient passage of travellers across international borders

Protecting borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to national security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. DPM Systems Border Control application does this and more.

Border Security 

When it comes to Border security, safety is our priority. Our bespoke integrated systems within Border Security domain work together to provide vital information to staff in real time but also allow for further analysis after travelers have left the checkout desk. Our solutions not only provide easy and smooth border crossing for travelers but also allow for quick and efficient identification of individuals that are suspicious or are attempting to cross the border illegally. We offer customized solutions that can either improve existing functionality of a border control systems or create completely new approach to handling data.

Border Security Solutions

Trusted Traveler Programs

The ability to implement a programme for frequent and trusted travellers program is an integral part of the DPM Systems Border Control application. The application screens all travellers entering your borders using your risk-based approach. Automated advanced data, combined with intelligence and new biometric travel documents, facilitate travel while keeping your borders safe. The application can expedite trusted traveller programs that facilitate the entry process for frequent travellers who have undergone prior screening of their biographical and biometric data.

Making travel faster
and easier

Through the applications trusted traveller program, you can enhance your ability to expedite and facilitate known low risk “trusted travellers” arriving into your country. These programs allow expedited processing of pre-approved low-risk travellers at ports of entry. This makes it faster and easier for thousands of visitors and business people to visit your country knowing that you understand that time is of the essence. Allowing your officers additional time to focus on higher risk unknown travellers, your visitors experience fewer delays and more confidence while traveling.

Port of Entry

The officer desk is fully integrated into the database, allowing them to see what they need when passengers arrive. Fast scanning does automatic checks against available watch and stop lists. Should the traveller been in the country before, using the documents provided, information is then retrieved and compared. Biometric data can be collected, stored and analysed if appropriate. We pride ourselves on the ability to scan and validate in less than 10 seconds.

Where the advanced Passenger Information is used, this document can be scanned and allocated to the arrival record to date and time stamp the actual arrival information.  Where data entry is used to update the entry/departure card for visitor statistics and other purposes, this is easy to do.     

Advanced Passenger Information

The application has the ability to receive, process and integrate the API’s information directly into the database. The format poses no problem to the application which currently supports UN/EDIFACT, XML, Excel Spreadsheet or a DPM Systems provided web interface. The excellent inbuilt data duplication “search and compare” software identifies actual and potential persons already in the database to reduce duplicate person information. All intelligence checks are done at the receipt of the API’s information with highly configurable, secure distribution of any information that needs to be relayed to the relevant authorities for action prior to arrival.

Personal Biometrics

The biometrics module can use single or multiple fingerprint recognition. It includes Facial Recognition, verification or identification modes and has Smart Card integration available. The Biometrics database can be utilised by all enforcement bodies, either through the use of an Application Program Interface or direct look-up and search facility. The module is used for the enrolment of the Trusted Traveller program, with collection of data at arrival.

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Our Products

Over the years we have developed products that create a Border Security Solution for any country. Our skilled engineers can deploy each product independently but these work the best in collaboration with other services.

In a hyper-connected world, commerce websites rely on personalized, secure portals to ensure that sites are relevant, engaging and easy to navigate. Providing a single point of access to multiple resources in a consistent, integrated manner offers the potential for an exceptional user experience. However, building custom portals to support a particular business function can be costly and can consume time that could be better spent growing your enterprise.

Organizations today are challenged to:

  • Synthesize several log-in portals into an integrated single sign-on experience
  • Reduce risk of customer loss due to navigation or use difficulty
  • Create new revenues through delivering better customer self service
  • Eliminate use of manual information feeds to help reduce labour cost
  • Drive customer advocacy, profitability and retention across channels, demographics and geographies

iBuilder E-Business Suite is an ”umbrella” that integrates business processes between people and ERP systems.  It enables your employees, managers, customers, suppliers and partners to access personalised information safely from anywhere in the world and can be accessed through any computer, smart phone or tablet PC.  It includes InfoCenter (system core) and seven modules: e-HR / e-Documents / e-Procurement / e-Sales / e-PR / e-Management / e-IT.  The InfoCentre combines the modules in a central location, allowing for simple and efficient sharing of information, business reporting, message & content publishing and system security.


Government Departments are often called upon to present evidential data from their systems for use in criminal cases. This data is often challenged in relation to its reliability and integrity. Council could argue that there was no inherent proof of when data was first entered into the system and if, when and by whom it was changed. The DPM Audit Trail now clearly shows all entry and changes of data by user, time and date and will be invaluable in providing incontrovertible evidential data.

The Audit Trail now allows managers to track actions carried out by users in the system and will show data changed, which user name changed the data and at what time and date the change was made.

Using standard reporting or utilising the DPM Business Intelligence tool, you will now be able to easily extract a wide range of important information and deliver reports direct to managers, chiefs and ministers showing, for example, productivity of staff; daily, weekly, monthly flight / vessel arrival and departure information; watch list hits; over-stayers; travellers by type / nationality, etc., etc..

In this fast moving digital age, it seems that everywhere we look we seem to be surrounded by IT hardware.  It encompasses all aspects of our life, from our homes and offices to our social environments and controls almost everything we do.  As a result, our reliance on IT hardware is increasing year on year, driven by our thirst and expectation for ever more integrated and automated applications.

Using our large network of UK and international suppliers, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the right solution to a varying range of client requirements.  Our many years of experience allow us to guide the clients to select a configuration that meets their needs for the life cycle of the project.

  • Custom built bespoke Desktop PCs & AIO PCs
  • Energy Efficient PCs
  • Touchscreen PCs
  • Branded Servers
  • Medical Computing
  • Rugged Computing
  • Storage Devices
  • Peripherals
  • Digital Signage
  • Panel PCs
  • Networking equipment
  • PC Components
  • Consumables

National Border Security and Immigration technology is currently responding to the demands of reducing the threat of terrorist attacks, drug trafficking and other crime, illegal immigrants and illegal workers, whilst ensuring that the movement of bona fide travellers across international borders is smooth and fast. The collection of biometric information from travellers is a key area of development in the industry, to provide fast and reliable identity verification. This technology now forms an integral element of DPM’s solution.

Using biometrics as identifiers for border security purposes is appealing because they can help tightly bind a traveler to his or her identity by using physiological characteristics. Unlike other identification methods, such as identification cards or passwords, biometrics are less easily lost, stolen, or guessed.

The DPM Biometrics Module is used for the capture, storage and validation of biometric information for travellers entering and leaving, if applicable, the country. The Biometrics Database can be used as a central repository for all biometric uses within the country, providing the capability for future integration with many applications that have a requirement for the use of biometric information. Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Fast-Track Booths for Clearance of Travellers
  • Passport Application
  • Visa Application
  • Policing and Forensic Investigation
  • National e-I.D.
  • Voter Verification
  • Access control for staff

 In addition to adding extra security in areas such as stolen / falsified travel documents, anti-terrorism and criminality, implementation of the Biometrics Module, with its integration capability, will provide long-term benefits and cost/time savings by avoiding future duplication of biometric verification systems across many government departments.

Whether it is CCTV recordings, surveillance footage, photographs or sensitive data, the need for irrefutable proof that data has not been tampered with in e-discovery, audit trails management, internal threat management and auditing and regulatory compliance requires a solution that can centralise and secure sensitive data. The Secure Audit Vault collects sensitive data in real-time from various sources and sends it to the centralized vault. A web-based module allows auditors to perform searches on the preserved data while verifying the correctness of information.

In order to facilitate its customer’s access to their services and reduce (back) office costs, banks are increasing the number of automated services offered, through electronic banking and ATM networks.  As these services increase, it also increases the amount of sensitive information placed in networks and the risk of unwanted tampering and attacks (external or internal) to the electronic banking systems.

It is important, therefore, to utilise a solution that collects, centralizes and secures audit logs in real time from various sources. At the time they are generated, our Secure Vault system applies a patented digital seal that makes evident any manipulation, thus obtaining irrefutable evidence of its integrity. This facilitates the reduction of costs related to audit processes and compliance with laws and regulation, while mitigating the insider threat and strengthening the legal validity of audit trails.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduces costs associated with governance processes, risk management and compliance (GRC)
  • Reduces costs associated with auditing, management of electronic evidence (e-Discovery) and forensic investigations
  • Deters fraud and reduces the risk and impact of the internal threat
  • Increases transparency and allows accountability to each and every one of the users, including the system administrators
  • Increases the evidential weight of audit trails and electronic records for any forensic investigation or use in a court of law
  • Helps to comply with the most demanding laws, best practices and standards regarding the prevention and detection of manipulation in electronic records (i.e. PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27001, etc.)

From airports, sea ports and border crossings to national ID verification around the world, DPM Systems is there with its field-proven mobile devices.

The DPM hand-held devices are specifically designed to provide ID verification and passport authentication with full page passport imaging and fingerprint sensors for instant verification of biometric passports. They can also verify visas, driver licenses and national ID cards by reading 2-D barcodes, OCR-B and contact / contactless chips found on these documents.

Offering a variety of expansion capabilities, the hand-helds can be connected to third-party databases via USB, CF, serial and Bluetooth. These support applications such as memory expansion and global communications.

DPM Systems designs and delivers innovative solutions for managing the mobile workforce that enable customers and partners to achieve evolutionary step-changes in their performance and service delivery. We offer a range of applications designed for use on Windows mobile devices to increase the performance and productivity of your mobile staff. 

These apps can manage mobile stock for sales applications, send jobs to engineers and handle POD services for completed jobs or deliveries. If needed we can also integrate the applications into your back office systems giving a seamless and paperless workflow process.

Organisations such as accountants, lawyers and any project driven businesses must be able to manage resources effectively and efficiently. It is vital that management can see at a glance what resources are being consumed against jobs and projects to ensure that maximum value can be extracted – especially when working on fixed price projects. cojent TRS provides a simple and intuitive method of organising current work activities and logging time spent against each activity.

Chargeable work activity can be integrated directly in Sage Line 50, reducing the time spent re-keying information and therefore reducing administration overhead. TRS also has a comprehensive in-built reporting function, providing easy viewing of how much time and resource a project is taking up and cross reference that with what is being charged. The TRS Time Recording System will allow your organisation to improve the planning of staff resource with projects and jobs, maximising efficiency and profitability. Say goodbye to islands of information, spread around your organisation.

Chargeable work activity can be  integrated directly in Sage Line 50 invoicing, reducing the time spent re-keying information and therefore reducing administration overhead.

  • Easily record time spent on jobs against customer / project / activity
  • Record time using the diary, enter the amount of time or use the stopwatch Pre-schedule time for staff and edit when work is done
  • Access settings allows managers to see all staff and users only their own work
  • Scalable application
  • Excel compatible built-in reporting
  • Add notes and warnings
  • Set working day and “out of hours”

Not only is a paperless organisation more eco-friendly, but it also benefits in increased organisational efficiency, increased business visibility and enables you to abide to compliance, legal and regulatory requirements. Today’s businesses have to be efficient in every department to stay competitive and the streamlining of processes through the correct use of I.C.T. drives vital revenue. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Cost – cost of paper, cost of office storage space, cost of staff dealing with paper
  • Staff – reduces the number of employees dealing with paperwork and manual tasks
  • Visibility – audit trails – electronic forms enable you to have visibility over your processes. everything is stored in the database.
  • Compliance, legal and regulatory requirements – government regulations, legal requirements, lost documents, data security
  • Efficiency – Improves organisational efficiency, minimizes risks, enforces organisational policies.

Implementation of a data capture system underpinned by the DPM Systems forms module ensures instant benefits for both external customers – users who will be entering data into the forms – and internal customers – those users who will receive and process the captured data.  Data entry is no longer paper based, so users gain familiar features like copy and paste and the ability to undo and correct mistakes, with a reduction in costs associated with form printing and handling being a natural by-product of the move away from paper.  The quality of the data captured is improved through validation built into each form created, and a full audit trail is created for each and every entry made to a form.

 The DPM Systems forms module offers highly customisable form creation facilities which can be used to provide forms that cater for a wide range of data capture requirements.  Forms can be created using pre-defined templates as a basis, or from scratch for ultimate control over layout and functionality.

Alongside the forms module’s data capturing capability comes the ability to interface with external systems for data processing and exchange of information.  Standardised API methods are used to provide two way (export and import) data transfer between the forms module and an external system allowing the forms module to be easily integrated into existing business processes.

Data entry forms created with the DPM Systems forms module can reside on either a PC machine running a Microsoft Windows operating system or on IBM i platforms (formerly AS/400, iSeries, System i), giving a choice of deployment options.

The e-Visa Module has been developed to process and manage all types of applications for visas and permits. The new module provides the facility and flexibility to print approved applications to a variety of documents, such as stick on labels or plastic cards and electronically return completed Visa details and captured images and signatures to the immigration database.

Additionally, it is possible to extend the application, subject to customer requirements, to incorporate the following features:

  • Allow persons to submit a Visa Application electronically and track its progress.
  • Allow agents and Applicants the mechanism for gathering information about applicants and status on their application.
  • Collect electronic credit card payments from the applicant.
  • Receive and store electronically any supporting evidence (e.g. scan of Birth Certificate, etc.). 

DPM’s Biometric Module will also facilitate the capturing and storing of biometric information such as fingerprints and facial images for future verification. Combining this technology with DPM’s handheld scanner, a person already in the database can be correctly identified by scanning a contactless chip on a variety of documents.

For example, should you employ a visa system that uses a card containing a contactless chip, the holder of the card, when asked to verify his or her identity, can present their visa card to an officer. The card is then scanned using the handheld device, showing the person’s information, including facial image. A further fingerprint check can be carried out with live interrogation of the DPM biometric database.

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