IAPS Group – Access Platforms Sales and Distribution

IAPS Group – Access Platforms Sales and Distribution

Handheld Van Sales Device

Finely-tuned Procurement Solution Increases Commercial Reach For Parts Specialist

The successful update of a van sales device by DPM Systems helps to increase the reach of the UK-leading specialist provider of equipment and support services for powered access platforms

The IAPS Group is the UK’s leading specialist provider of replacement parts for powered access platforms and lifting equipment.

Helping to supply and distribute 1,000s of specialist parts from all the leading manufacturers in the industry, IAPS deployed a mobile handheld control device for supplying their customers with spare parts directly from delivery vans.

Due to maturing IT systems and software applications, their long-term IT partner, DPM Systems were engaged to help migrate and update the current devices, as operating these efficiently became increasingly difficult and costly.


To keep using IT devices effectively, upgrades to software operating systems are needed and sometimes, even with these regular improvements, a device can eventually become obsolete.


The van sales application was recreated from scratch as a native Android app.  Although this required the application code to be completely rewritten in a different programming language, the new version mirrors the last one in terms of user interface layout and functionality.


  1. On-location order-taking and stock-checking process
  2. Van supply or immediate back order to Head Office for shipment
  3. Immediate customer knowledge of what will be on back-order
  4. Compact rugged handheld equipment
  5. In-van printing for client
  6. Reliable mobile data transfer via WIFI / mobile data network to Head Office


In line with moving the handheld system onto the Android operating system, a rugged Android-based device was selected for use with the new version of the van sales application.  A 1D laser barcode scanner was introduced, so that the barcode scanning functionality of the van sales application can be retained.

DPM developed a mobile application with an integrated database

  1. Reliable mobile data transfer via WIFI / mobile data network to Head Office
  2. Direct connection to stock outages list within Head Office
  3. Compact rugged handheld equipment procured using our partner company
  4. On-board printing function for client


  • Error reduction as order confirmed face-to-face with client by 95%
  • Head Office order processing staff reduction by 50%
  • IT support

The Future

As an alternative to the handheld mobile device, an Android-based mobile phone could be used to run the van sales application.  This would allow existing hardware to be utilised and possibly remove the need to purchase new devices.  However, it should be noted that these consumer-level devices will be less hardwearing than a specifically designed rugged device, and will lack the 1D laser barcode scanner hardware.

Using an Android-based device will allow printing operations in the application to be performed with Wi-Fi-connected printer hardware.  Wi-Fi-enabled inkjet printers are easily obtained and relatively inexpensive.  The majority of consumer-level printers available today include Wi-Fi-based wireless printing functionality.

DPM Systems are extremely adaptive in their approach to this solution and if you have any particular requirements that resonate with the capabilities of this device, please feel free to contact us and let us propose how we may be able to help you attain your goal.

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